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HENRY, PIERRE - Polyphonies

Format: 12 x CD BOX
Label & Cat.Number: Decca / Radio France 4814504
Release Year: 2017
Note: for the celebration of his 90th birthday, a selection through 50 years of work made by PIERRY HENRY shortly before his death (5. July 2017) himself, including 9 works released for the first time, like the brand new "Chroniques terriennes" (2016) or "Etudes transcendentantes pour un piano imaginaire" (2015), some classics from the 50's, etc. etc.. All audio remastered + 112 p. booklet + big cardboard box, each CD in its own cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €65.00

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"Made in celebration of the 90th birthday of Musique concrte pioneer, Pierre Henry, this epic collection was personally selected and remastered by the composer himself just prior to his death last year; including nine works released for the first time ever on any format - all remastered by the man himself.

The 12 CD boxset Polyphonies is a mind-blowing summation of more than 50 years work by restlessly pioneering composer, Pierre Henry (9th December 1927 - 5 July 2017) - the undisputed godfather of musique concrte, who laid the groundwork for much of electronic music as we now know it. Counting 29 works, including no fewer than 9 premieres, Polyphonies serves both an historic education and an engrossing reminder of Henrys influence over developments in 20th and 21st century music.

Theres nothing that we can add to the reams of writing on Pierre Henry. We can only reassert whats been said in numerous articles, essays and academic texts, that, technically, Pierre Henry was among the most important and ardent manipulators of concrte sound - that is, physical sounds extracted from their environment and abstracted through various process of effects, to re-sound or resonate in new, different ways and meanings.

Hes French, so philosophy was always integral to his practice, but the proof is in Henrys pudding, as his persistent pursuit of sonic spectres and metaphysics brought a world of new sounds into tangible physicality. Whether through animation of inanimate objects, or a re-spatialization of whole scenes of reality, Henry heard a possibility for alteration in almost everything, and acted on his urges with remarkable insightful results.

Many of Henrys compositions are broadly known to followers of early electronic music, while even casual observers will likely know his Psyche Rock piece as the influence behind Matt Groenings Futurama theme tune. However, even the most hardcore Henry heads wont have heard the 9 premieres in this boxset, including the hyperreal dynamics of Chronicles terriennes, the deconstructed piano clatter of tudes transcend antes pour un piano imaginaire, his rhythmically seductive Pleins jeux and the atonal fuss of Kyldex, or the deep space radiation of Astrologie, and likewise the entire 12th disc of 2016 "Remixes" (re-masteres, really), completed by the artist before losing he lost his sight. Ears were definitely still working, though!

Its fair to say that our perception of sound and electronic music may not be the same if it were not for Henrys way of listening, dissembling and re-sequencing the sound sphere, parsing and re-parsing it for an ever elusive meaning. In the process hes thrown up more questions than answers which will puzzle and trigger more ideas, most likely for the rest of time.