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ETANT DONNES - Le Paradis Blanc

Format: LP + DVD
Label & Cat.Number: WARM - warm #012
Release Year: 2017
Note: LE PARADIS BLANC is the (so far unpublished) result of a three day installation by the French cult performance act that happened in 1983 in Lyon, FR=> construction of the installation (three basins built with bricks, two filled with water, one with soil), performance of E.D. on next day and destruction of the basins on the third day => rough noises from machines and vocalizations plus the S/W film with extracts from the installation form a very radical noise music without the use of any instrument
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"This album, recorded in 1983, is also the music of a movie directed by Etant Donns the same yearand titled Le paradis blanc. Mastering Norscq.
The album Le Paradis Blanc was recorded in 1983. This unreleased album until today is also the music of a film directed by Etant Donns the same year.
The film and music were part of a three days installation and performance of Etant Donns in the ELAC (Espace Lyonnais dArt Contemporain) at the Fifth Symposium of Art Performance in Lyon in 1983 : one day for the construction of the installation, one day with a performance and one day for the destruction.
The film on the DVD is an edit made with the movies of the construction and the destruction of the installation.
This music like all first works of Etant Donns was made without any instrument or effect but is the fruit of a long work on a raw sound material coming from nature field recordings and other source like TV, films, radio, streets, factorys, etc.

In 1977, Eric and Marc Hurtado founded Etant Donns that quickly became essential in the field of experimental films, performance and experimental and industrial music, recording approximately 30 albums and counting numerous collaborations with major artists of the international music scene and cinema : Alan Vega, Genesis P.Orridge, Michael Gira, Lydia Lunch, Philippe Grandrieux, Mark Cunningham, Bachir Attar and the Master Musicians of Jajouka, etc."