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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Nihilward Productions NAUGHT 24
Release Year: 2017
Note: another split album which contains one long SHIBALBA track (dark drones and evocations with ritual drumming, very nice), plus three pieces by the ex black metal band from the U.S. who turned into ritual ambience... the whole album is meant as a glorification to the godness Kali; lim. 300
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"For their next split, SHIBALBA united into morbid congregation with BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY...
Utter grim horrific rite to glorify Great Black Goddess Kali. Far beyond the manifestations of Maya, obtain the dark essence of Her - Dark Shakti of Siva, Destroyer of Time, A Transcendental Blackness." [Nihilward info]

"The conjoined work of the order of Shibalba and Black Seas of Infinity, constitutes an undertaking and exploration of the supreme Kala, through musical, visual and literary transmissions and receptions an adoration unto Kali. She is the adored and the adorer, our blood shall be as her venom, our skull as her ornamentation.

Members of the Memphitic Coven of Shibalba:
Acherontas V. Priest Aldra-Al-Melekh
Recorded at the Halls of Christian Cambas, during the waning crescent moon of January MMXV. Mixed and mastered by Christian Cambas.

Artwork/Layout by Synthetic.
Front And Back Painting By David Hereiras.

Cd is coming by Nihilward Productions and Handmade edition in Tape and special box set tape by Arsenestre
Lp is coming later by Nigrum Serpentis.
Tshirt Merchandise by Nigrum Serpentis On October.
[Shibalba Bandcamp info]