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SCORN / SEEFEEL / TIMOTHY LEARY / YANOMAMI - Ancient Lights and the black Core

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Sub Rosa SRV078
Release Year: 2017
Note: vinyl re-issue of the ground-breaking compilation from 1995, linking the post-industrial tribal electronica beats and drones with ritual chants of the famous Amazonian tribe (Yanomami), and words of the "neuropolitics" pope TIMOTHY LEARY (with DJ CHEB I SABBAH)=> everything seemed possible, the unification of post modern culture with ancient knowledge and rites.. inc. inlay with an essay by British music ethnologist DAVID TOOP, comes on clear/black marbled vinyl
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More Info

"Third record of a thematic series of 9,
published from 1993 to 1998 called Utopian Diaries: Ancient Light and the Blackcore (1995).
Never released before as LP vinyl. Contains only unreleased and exclusive material.

It begins with Scorn at his best, Naked Sun with M.J. Harris (Lull, Painkiller) & N.J. Bullen.
Followed 3 new tracks by Seefeel (As if, As track & As well) recorded during the sessions of Seccour. Why are you there? the large track by Timothy Leary (voices) & DJ Cheb i Sabbah (production) is a fascinating hallucinatory
piece. At the end of the LP, extraordinary recordings of an intoxicated and painful ceremony of some Amazonian Shamans - recorded
by David Toop in the rainforest of Southern Venezuela (communauty of Yanomami) in november 1978.

Insert includes an important text written by David Toop: 'Subworld .' " [label info]