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SEETYCA - Remnants of Carbon Beauty

Format: do-CDR
Label & Cat.Number: Mbira Records mbira 0040/26 mbnt
Release Year: 2005
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €19.50

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disk one of this 2-cd-set contains music from the cd-rom-projekct ein audiovisueller spaziergang durch die sammlung of the palontologisches museum of the tbingen university. here we have the original soundtrack plus unreleased additional material, alternate versions and new mixes. the music was conceived between november 2004 and february 2005, recorded and mixed in mbira world studios by seetyca. produced by seetyca.
disk two contains original music and bonus material mixed into a suite called remnants of the mesozoic. recorded and mixed with the help of dr. dipl.-ing. johann e. mildenberg in march 2005. produced by artin mucht and seetyca.
this work was inspired by wolfgang gerber, achim reisdorf and the paintings of zdenk burian.