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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Projekt Records PRO 044
Release Year: 1994
Note: first album by this dream-drone duo from the US who established a style in the early 90's between ethereal drone ambience and shoegaze, with '8 miles high' female vocals and shimmering, sometimes pretty rough guitar harmonics, completely drowning in echo and reverb... just wonderful! [SCOTT CORTEZ, the male part behind LLC released a wonderful 7" on Drone Records in the year 2000 with the project VIR (with MICHAEL ANDERSON = DREKKA), their only release!]
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A beautiful wrestling of noise a demanding combination of isabelles ethereal vocals and alexs tendency to blend saturated overloaded distortion from his 12-string guitar with aching polyrhythmic patterns. the result is ethereal noise: chaotic and innovative gritty, choppy, stunning and beautiful. a sound that captures the sensation of falling, floating on a wave of sounds bleeding into one another like staining watercolors.