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AJNA & DRONNY DARKO - Black Monolith

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Reverse Alignment RA-34
Release Year: 2017
Note: a collection of collaboration tracks by these two 'black cosmic ambience ' newcomers from USA & Ukraine, their subtle and icy electronic drones share a very monolithic and eerie character, slow backwards sounds increase the tension, the air is filled with alien beings and cosmic dust... for fans of LUSTMORD, YEN POX, KSHATRIY, etc.. lim. 200 - 8 panel digipak, mastered by CHRIS SIGDELL (B*TONG)
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"Despite the continental drift and the apparent distance between USA and Ukraine, Chris F and Oleg Puzan has been working together for some years now. Black Monolith though, is the first release under the Reverse Alignment banner and includes previously released tracks from EP Facing the Void and the long single 1000 Years of Cryosleep put out digitally by norweigan Petroglyph Music in 2013-2014. These have been remastered together with new material, forming a continuum of collaborative work.
Ajna, known from it's release "Inevitable Mortality", and Dronny Darko, one of Cryo Chamber's highly esteemed artists, create an alliance in pitch black ambient to carry out our minds to the outer rim territories of discovered space and the dark vastness of a universe without an end.
This is beauty and fear, calmness and disturbance.
This is the "Black Monolith".
Limited edition of 200 copies in 8-panel digipack." [label info]


"This time around we kept the darkest of the lot as something for the last hour of the day. It
is long distance collaboration between Chris F and Oleg Puzan, who have been working together
for some time and have had releases on Petroglyph Music in 2013 and 2014. These works are now part of 'Black Monolyth', a double CD, with also new music. The cover is a bit sparse when it comes to telling us the provenance of these pieces, but it might be that the first disc is the old work, and the second disc is all new. There arent a whole lot of different approaches between these two, I would think. The title of the album is the musical program here. Whatever the input is, and I suspect this to be field recordings of whatever nature, are transformed into a pitch black monolith of drone sounds, which in the older pieces are perhaps a little bit monolithic in approach, smeared as they are with the use of sound effects and in the newer pieces it has the illusion of
being a bit lighter and opener, but in fact are as hermetically closed as the other works. On the second disc each of the seven pieces lasts eight minutes and two seconds, so perhaps there is some conceptual edge to it; they do seem to be different pieces though, and not one long piece cut into seven equal bits. This music has the heavy weight of the universe as well as the colour of the endless journey through space; pitch black and top heavy. Quite a journey this is, not into terra incognita, as the deep space is a crowded place." [FdW/Vital Weekly]