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Format: 5 x LP BOX
Label & Cat.Number: Die Schachtel DS 033LP
Release Year: 2017
Note: extended vinyl version of the "Azioni" do-CD box that was released 10 years ago, now with 13 previously unreleased pieces from the same 'early period' by the incredible Italian improv band feat. ENNIO MORRICONE, ROLAND KAYN, MARIO BERTONCINI, FRANCO EVANGELISTI, and others; the new edition comes with 64 page LP sized book, plus a DVD with the film "Nuova Consonanza" from 1968 => "from free-jazz to total abstract noise to wild electronic sounds.."
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"Standard LP version. Includes five LPs, DVD, and book; Edition of 500.

The year 2007 saw one of the most remarkable findings in the long treasure-hunting history of Die Schachtel: the complete set of recordings of the early manifestation (1967-1969) of one of the most legendary improv group of all time, the Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza. Rescued by the private archives of Walter Branchi, one of the original founding members -- alongside Franco Evangelisti, Ennio Morricone, Ivan Vandor, Roland Kayn, Egisto Macchi, Mario Bertoncini, and John Heineman -- the tapes were then restored in their entirety. Only a part of them were published in a CD-only boxset in an edition of 500, titled Azioni 1967-1969, which also featured a DVD with the original film Nuova Consonanza shot by Theo Gallher during the rehearsal and concert that the group held on March 19th and 20th, 1967, at the Galleria d'arte Moderna in Rome. Spanning from free-jazz to total abstract noise to wild electronic sounds, their music was -- and remains -- one of the most dynamic, original, and uncompromising expression of a period defined by intense experimentation and musical bravery, anticipating experiments to come in years following. Or, to put it simple, "They were utterly unique," as per the words that John Zorn, who expressively wrote for this edition. To mark the ten-year anniversary of its original release, Die Schachtel present Azioni/Reazioni 1967-1969, the complete cycle of improvisations -- which includes thirteen additional, never before published pieces -- taken from the original tapes. Remastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.

Available in three versions. All versions include a 64-page, sewn-bound, LP-size book in English and Italian, complete with essays, memories shared by the group, a new article by Valentina Bertolani exploring in detail the techniques of the group, a chronology, a collection of original reviews by Maurizio Farina, and a set of unpublished black-and-white photos of the group playing in Venice's Teatro Della Fenice in 1968, taken from the archives of the Venice Biennale. All versions also include a DVD (PAL 5.1 audio - region free) with the original film Nuova Consonanza shot by Theo Gallher. CD version includes four CDs, DVD, and book -- edition of 300."


"Azione / Reazioni documents the brilliantly abstract percussive improv from legendary 1960s outfit Gruppo Improvisazione Nuova Consonanza, who among its members counted a young Ennio Morricone. The line-up was mutable, and at various points featured Walter Branchi, John Heineman and the aforementioned Morricone, alongside Roland Kayn, Ivan Vandor, Mario Bertoncini, Egisto Macchi, Jerry Rosen, Antonelli Neri, Giovanni Piazza, Giancarlo Schiaffini, and for a time, Musica Elettronica Viva founder Frederic Rzewski.

The pieces on Azione / Reazioni were recorded between 1967 and 1969, released here for the first time on vinyl. A series of lengthy improvisations found within range from clattery, percussive soundscapes assembled from all manner of objects, tangled with haunting whorls of electronics, skronky horns, pounded piano and weird tape experiments. Gruppo deftly articulates droney spaced out free jazz, but always retaining a wide-eyed innocence and a penchant for kicking up a seriously noisy racket. Most of this sounds like it could easily have been recorded in this day and age as some mysterious outfit from Finland circa 2006 or Japan in 1982. Noisy as all get out, but incredibly captivating and strangely lovely at times.

Includes DVD of a gorgeous black-and-white concert film from 1967 and expansive 64-page book. Edition of 500." [Stranded]