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AKPATOK - Two Winters, Two Springs

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Low Clouds Records LC-02
Release Year: 2015
Note: extremely meditative and focused contemplation drone muzak from Poland, created with gongs, bells and hurdy-gurdy, sounding completely acoustic and organic.... there's a steady inner movement of micro-changes, the great lies in the small here... first album of AKPATOK, very recommended for non-electric drone lovers in the tradition of LA MONTE YOUNG, etc...
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The new release by the Akpatok project, the album Two Winters, Two Springs, contains six minimalistic compositions by Dawid Adrjanczyk, recorded in mid-2015.

By using consciously limited ways of expression and reducing the number of instruments and compositional structures, Adrjanczyk creates his works based on meditative idiom both with regard to particular compositions, as well as the album as a whole. Six sonic journeys through challenging paths invoke deep attentive listening and introduce the listener into a leisurely subdued rhythm of composition full of inner concentration, that is so characteristic of all the artists works.

During the recording session, the natural features of the instruments recorded were particularly to the fore, with the choice (hurdy-gurdy, shepherd bells, gongs) and the fully acoustic recording imbuing Two Winters, Two Springs with an exceptional material dimension.

"The path to complete minimalism still remains a path. I am deeply conscious of the limitations which are imposed on my art by the Western narrative tradition. Listening to my compositions attentively tends to be a difficult practice of observing how the sound persists and how it undergoes a continuous change.

"I would like my compositions, built upon organic variability and inscribed in the cycle of permanent expansion/extinguishing of silence and sound as they are, to evoke not only concentration on the very substance of music, but through sensation, also purely physical in nature, to encourage the listener to focus attention on themselves. Because only within ourselves is reflected all that we hear and experience."
released December 22, 2015

Two Winters, Two Springs was recorded by the Akpatok Ensemble with the participation of Dawid Adrjanczyk (hurdy-gurdy, shepherd bells, gongs), Nina Adrjanczyk (shepherd bells, gongs) and Adam Sobański (gongs). Cover design by Nina Adrjanczyk.