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NAMBLARD, MARC - Nuits de Guyane

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Kalerne kal08
Release Year: 2015
Note: environmental recordings made in the forests and savannah in French-Guyana at night, concentrating on the sounds of amphibians... these frogs and other creatures sound very unusual, often more like dogs, birds or strange sirenes.. after "Chants of frozen Lakes" or "Lorraine" MARC NAMBLARD reveals another fascinating soundworld that is happening without electricity and human activity..
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" 'Nuits de Guyane' is a sound collage of night time ambiances from Guiana (France), focusing on the calls of amphibians.
Field recordings realized in the forests and savannah near Sinnamary and Saьl, close to the Saint-Elie trail and Savane Roche Virginie, from November 15th to December 10th 2014, between the dry season and the 'little rainy season'." [label info]