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UNICAZRN - Transpandorem

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Touch TONE 057LP
Release Year: 2017
Note: new album by the project of STEPHEN THROWER (COIL, CYCLOBE)and DAVID KNIGHT, after the wonderful "Omegapavilion" tape two side-long explorations into subconscious, aquatic realms and phantasies...
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"UnicaZrn, David Knight and Stephen Thrower, build their long, ceaselessly evolving musical compositions through a process of improvisation, followed by careful editing and processing. Their music, drawn from subconscious associations while recording, is frequently aquatic or oceanic in overall mood and texture. Knight has spent most of his life living on the banks of the Thames while Thrower resides on the East Sussex coast, and their musical flights of imagination tend toward rolling river dynamics and open seas of synthesized sound. For UnicaZrn, tidal imagery, oceanic forms and the slow rhythms of coastal water are a recurring structural presence, with strong associations of rootlessness, of being far away from home. The inability of human lungs to breathe water endows rivers and seas with a special poetics: a boundary between two different but inter-related states. On the one hand, solidity, clarity, definition; On the other, fluidity, uncertainty, dissolution. The sense of a threshold between opposites gives rise to an elusive otherness, suggesting a portal through which the everyday world can be escaped. Death under the water, the survivors of a lost kingdom clinging to the rocks of an unfamiliar island, a coastal boat ride into deepest abstraction, a deserted beach expressing a world outside reality. A sexual frisson too: a hovering at the brink, poised at the turbulent edge of pleasure, swept away into oblivion. There's a darkness in the sea, even if illuminated by the most dazzling sunshine. Open horizons shows the clutter of human life to be transient, and as the sea offers a dizzying sense of the eternal. Aquatic sensibility, oceanic timescales: the action of the salt sea beating on the shore. Beaches are cosmic, elemental. UnicaZrn's core instrumentation blends analog synthesiser, mellotron and electric piano with electric guitar and clarinet. Both Thrower and Knight draw upon their love and wide experience of electronic music, from the outer shores of Stockhausen to the outer space-ways of Tangerine Dream. In addition, Knight is renowned for his pioneering multi-textured fretwork with Danielle Dax and his ambient guitar settings for Lydia Lunch, while Thrower's reed playing provided a distinctive melancholy in Coil and emerged as electro-acoustic texture in Cyclobe. The title "Pale Salt Seam" is drawn from the poem "Night-Song of the Andalusian Sailors" by Federico Garca Lorca. Parts of "Pale Salt Seam" were recorded live at the Ironmongers Row Baths on March 2nd, 2013. Additional production assistance by Ivan Pavlov."

"UnicaZurn is the collaboration between Coil's Stephen Thrower and David Knight of Shock Headed Peters, Arkkon, Danielle Dax's ensemble, etc. While named for the Surrealist writer and artist, UnicaZurn is guided by sages of inner-mind music and the very British astral projections of John Dee via modular synthesis. Thrower's final contributions to Coil were on the lysergic classic Love's Secret Domain, an album that Thrower was at odds with due to its heavy focus on rhythm. His work as Cyclobe (which he conceived after parting ways with Coil in the early '90s) paralleled Coil's obsessions with hermetic knowledge and shapeshifting aesthetics. As UnicaZurn with David Knight, the two follow similar strategies but dial back to an earlier time of kosmische electronic exploration, through the patterned sequencing and charmed electronic invocations harkening to Zeit-era Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze."
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