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Format: BOOK & CD
Label & Cat.Number: Cipher Productions (sic89)
Release Year: 2015
Note: newest issue for this book-sized magazine (158 pages!) from Australia for Industrial, harsh noise and the darker sides of ambience & drone, has articles & interviews with/about: MLEHST (!), ANEMONE TUBE, NIELLERADE F., KAZUMA KUBOTA, the FRAGMENT FACTORY label,etc. + hundreds of reviews, live reports, + additional comp. CD with the same artists, lim. 500
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V/A - 'Night Science V' 'zine + CD


Anemone Tube
1. Prayerwalk II (video)

2. The Fig Tree
3. Yodok Rations

4. Thirteen Not Unlucky

Hal Hutchinson
5. Dedicated To Damage I

Skin Graft
6. Rotting Neck

Kazuma Kubota
7. Watercolours (video)

Hal Hutchinson
8. Dedicated To Damage II

Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar
9. Avvikande

158 page 'zine includes interviews with all of the afore-mentioned, Fragment Factory and release / live reviews.

released 21 Januuary 2015