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Format: BOOK & CD
Label & Cat.Number: Cipher Productions (sic59)
Release Year: 2010
Note: book-sized magazine (136 pages!) from Australia for Industrial, harsh noise and the darker sides of ambience & drone, has articles & interviews: DIETER MH, THE HATERS, RAIONBASHI, KAZUMOTO ENDO, HUM OF THE DRUID, GOLDEN SERENADES, etc.. + hundreds of reviews, live reports (RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK, DAVE PHILLIPS, KK NULL), etc.. comes with additional CD compilation feat. the same artists, lim. 500
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V/A - 'Night Science IV' 'zine + CD


Hum Of The Druid
1. Endless leadership (mp3 excerpt)

2. Ruberpistole

Golden Serenades
3. Bounce

Kazumoto Endo
4. Iruka No Misoni(mp3 excerpt)

Dieter Mh
5. Burning People(mp3 excerpt)

The Haters
6. Spinner Spade(mp3 excerpt)

7. Torture Index (2nd edit)

Hum Of The Druid
8. Gammadion Rotates South

136 page 'zine includes interviews with all of the afore-mentioned, Posh Isolation and over 220 reviews as well as live reports of KK Null, Dave Phillips and Runzelstirn & Gurgelstck

released 3 August 2010