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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - Droning Ukrainians

Format: do-MC
Label & Cat.Number: LAMOUR Records larmour030kz
Release Year: 2016
Note: lovely compilation presenting the droning & atmospheric ambient side of the Ukrainian underground: CREATION VI, MONOCUBE, SiJ, DAO DE NOIZE, SATURN FROM ESSENCE, IN MEDITARIVM, DRONNY DARKO, and many more unknown names; oversized tape-case with prof. printed colour cover, 2 x C-80, lim. 100!! "...very dark, quasi-mysterious, lots of processed acoustic instruments (voices, guitars, field recordings, flutes)...these are the sons of Troum and Zoviet*France" [Vital Weekly]
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"This is a absolutely outstanding fullpacked 2x C-80 cassette with the best of Ukrainian Dronemusic scene!
Compiled by Dao de Noize! Only available on this limited 100 edition."


"The other cassette by Lamour Records is perhaps a bit of an oddball for this label, which for me always hints towards pop. It is a compilation with drone music from the Ukraine, as compiled by Dao de Noize (of whom we reviewed music before). Two cassettes, twice eighty minutes equals a lot of drone music by lots of people I never heard of; Adrageron, Creation VI, Drop Sum, In Meditarivm, Sche!, Melancholic
Memories, Trianov & Dark Monolith, Oil Texture, Dronny Darko, Trianov, Absurd Inspiration vs Filivs Macrocosmi, Saturn Form Essence, Schperrung feat. Dark Monolith, Ravcan, Monocube, Gamardah Fungus, SiJ, Malad and finally Dao De Noize himself, and that might be the only name I recognized. The music was kind of like what I expected this to be: very dark, quasi-mysterious, lots of processed
acoustic instruments (voices, guitars, field recordings, flutes) and all of this hovering
at the dark end of the deep well. These are the sons of Troum and Zoviet*France, which is quite all right. Not spectacular happens here, except maybe for the noisy ending on the fourth side? It's still a bit of a mystery why Lamour would release this, but it is surely a fine collection." [FdW/Vital Weekly]