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ICHIYANAGI, TOSHI - Music for Tinguely

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Omega Point - Obscure Tape Music of Japan Vol. 5 / OPA-005
Release Year: 2006
Note: three so far unreleased, very early tape pieces by the radical / innovative Japanese New Music / Avantgarde composer: "Music for Tinguely" (1963) is created from junk objects by the great sculptor of kinetic objects, JEAN TINGUELY; "Apperance" (1967) - a live electronic piece feat. JOHN CAGE and DAVID TUDOR; "Music for Living Space" (1969): composed for the inner space of the Sun Tower at the Expo 1970 in Osaka; lim. 500 in the prolific series of OMEGA POINT
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"Ichiyanagi is the best known composer for domestic and foreign avant-garde music fans. Especially in his brilliant 60's, he made many great tape music. But most of them has not published on discs or issued for very small edition. This CD consists of his obscure three tape works. 'Music for Tinguely' was made from junk objects of kinetic sculptor Jean Tinguely. 'Appearance' is live electronic music. It's not only premiere performance but also John Cage and David Tudor participated in performance. Very noisy and hard core!! 'Music for Living Space' was composed for inner space of 'Sun Tower' of World Expo in Osaka. Computer generated voice reads architect Kisyo Kurokawa's manifest. Strange!!" [label info]