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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: E-Klageto Exklageto 06
Release Year: 2016
Note: 'NO MELODY - NO RHYTHM - NO HARMONY - THIS IS FRACTION MUSIC' - the amazing 'digital deconstructivists' O.P.O from Prague collaborate with the 'cosmic' Japanese analogue noiser (aka ASTRO + former member of C.C.C.C. ), the three long tracks (one each by HASEGAWA and O.P.O + the main collab piece "Terrestrial Lightness") show their "pure drone/sound/noise" approach, the BORDERS ARE FLUENT = overwhelming CD with massively morphing and transforming drone noises!!
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The collective album of the Japanese noise artist Hiroshi Hasegawa (C.C.C.C., Astro, South Saturn Delta, Galax) and the seven-member Czech ensemble Opening Performance Orchestra contains three large compositions and four short pieces inspired by the elements. The first Hiroshi Hasegawa composition is a suite of colourful modulated psychedelic sounds and noises. The second composition is a collective work. Based on sound material from Hiroshi Hasegawa, it is a quasi-remix by Opening Performance Orchestra. The third Opening Performance Orchestra piece is a digital decomposition of an original sound material. The working method is in line with the rules of fraction music, postulated by Opening Performance Orchestra, and the slogan no melody - no rhythm - no harmony. 65 mins. Ltd x 500 copies in a digipak.