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HANSEN, LARS LUNDEHAVE - Terminal Velocity

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Tonometer Music TONOM162
Release Year: 2016
Note: first solo-album by this Danish soundartist also known with WLDCHENGARTEN (see DR-81, 2006), operating between 'underground drone' and the more academic/serious composed sound-art; the album contains 21 (!) tracks that follow the concept of incorporating 'atmospheric ambient' into a classic pop/rock format, so all tracks are very short and hold melodic scales and a kind of architectural composition, with amazing result; created at EMS in Stockholm, lim. 300 blue vinyl
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More Info

"Lars Lundehave Hansen has for many years distinguished himself as one of the most visionary Danish sound artists. Not least, he has been a key name on the Danish scene of noise and drone as part of Noisejihad and as part of the duo Wldchengarten. He has also distinguished himself through a series of solo releases and sound-installations, both in Denmark and internationally.This time "Terminal Velocity" shows his excellent ability to build a sonic space which is both dreamy yet physical.

Work on the album took place at the legendary EMS / Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm and resulted in no less than 21 vignettes that are included on the vinyl record.

"During my stay I tried to rethink the ways to reate atmospheric ambient and tried to incorporate this genre into a classic pop rock format, which, if anything, can be said to be in stark contrast to elongated ambient. The result is a series of electronic drones that without sacrificing the formal structures such as lead-in, motif, ascension/descension and climax, will be conducted in 3 minutes or less. The songs hold melodic scales, the noise is in tune and some of it can even be considered a kind of compositional style exercises disguised as music."

Over the years, the musical work of Lars Lundehave Hansen has focused on challenging compositions and an exploration of the spaces between tone and noise running parallel to music in the usual sense.

It may be a peculiar niche but has until now been extremely rewarding in terms of recognition, awards and prices at home and abroad, including the Danish Arts Foundation and Honorary Mention in 'Digital Music and Arts' category at Ars Electronica in 2011.

Lars Lundehave Hansen has performed worldwide, from Brazil, Japan and China to India and all across Europe. Recent Danish performance was as supporting act to the legendary William Basinski in front of a sold-out hall at Jazzhouse." [credits]