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AMON - El Khela Al'Akhdar

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Silentes Minimal Editions SME1664 / Eibon Rec. AMN005R
Release Year: 2016
Note: when this CD appeared in 1996 it seemed it could become a dark ambient milestone like some works of LUSTMORD or YEN POX, though Drone Rec. artists AMON ("Aura" 7"/DR-29/ 1998) sounds much more subtle and ghostly,- "with the minimal, but effective dark ambient soundstructures the listener is taken to a journey into the archaic heart of darkness. 1000 miles away, calming and alien"; this well deserved re-issue comes with a full bonus CD of rare material 1996-2004, including the Drone EP!!
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20 years after its initial release, AMON's El khela still shines out like a pillar in the dark ambient field. Mysterious, catacombal, bleak, monumental, cryptic ambience. This new edition contains a remastered, repackaged and graphically renewed version of El khela + a second cd with rare, unreleased and reworked tracks. Coproduced with Silentes, El khela Al'Akhdar comes in digisleeve + 2 inner sleeves.