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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: VHF Records vhf#140
Release Year: 2016
Note: 5th album by this unique psych/drone/Kraut improv band project founded by STEPHEN O'MALLEY (SUNN O))) and DANIEL O'SULLIVAN (ULVER, GUAPO..), now joined by KRISTOFFER RYGG and STEVE NOBLE on drums, who gives the ground for the extensive ambient-scapes of the others with his unusual drumming; all material is based on live recordings that have later been edited; this really opens up unkown spaces and luminous expanses..
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"Hazel is the 5th record from this group of eclectic travelers, who bring their considerable pedigrees together in unexpected and original ways. Looking at the people involved, it would be reasonable to expect a massive blowout of sound, but everyone plays with remarkable and effective restraint. The music is atmospheric and layered, with bits and pieces of identifiable rock moves peeking out from under a thick blanket of hard-to-identify drift. Based on live recordings made on a lengthy tour of Italy in 2010, the recordings have been extensively edited and supplemented, but without losing the elemental sound of a group playing live together. While theres plenty of weird ambient sound to be heard, this isnt a sound-effects/pedalboard record. Like the preceding En Form for Bla album, Nobles drums anchor the music. The drumming is spare and considered, sometimes lashing out with abstract punctuation, and other times laying out a Can-like groove. OMalleys guitar is also restrained, providing a bed for O'Sullivan's constantly morphing Rhodes, synths and electronic effects. Kristoffer Rygg contributes a rousing vocal incantation to Ermanna and peppers the mix with ghostly modular details. Like their other records, this is not really like anything else out there right now. Sleeve designed by Stephen OMalley. CD is in card folio printed by Stumptown Printers. LP is in Stoughton Tip-On Jacket, pressed at RTI, and includes download card." [label info]