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SEMBLER DEAH - Kaessariah. Heel een Leven lang

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Hypertension Records Hype 013
Release Year: 2011
Note: debut album of this dark ambient trio (from Belgium & France) with members of TREHA SEKTORI & AMENRA, using voice & bass, guitars & electronics, thus creating extremely amorph transcendental dronescapes with wide reverberations and melancholic undertones, with nice guitar sounds almost going into post-rock areas...four long tracks, as a whole rather quiet & subtle, and emotional, with some dramatic peaks..highly recommended for fans of the genre ! lim. 200 black vinyl
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Featuring Colin & Mathieu (Amenra). Dehnsora (Treha Sektori)
Gathered by a sole ambience between ethereal soundscapes, knotted drones and falls. A three-headed hand surrounding a light in a cold engulfing & ardent prayer.