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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Zhelezobeton ZHB-LX
Release Year: 2015
Note: this release sees the extraordinary Russian experimental project (moving between all styles) and Drone Rec. artist (see DR-59) BARDOSENETICCUBE in collaboration with Japanese "Buddhist dark ambient" act SHINKIRO - their creation is an interesting form of fluid undersea ambience, full of atmospheric noises and layers of different sounds, gaining a true psychedlic effect... lim. 333 copies
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This is already the second collaboration album of Bardoseneticcube from Russia and Shinkiro from Japan, this time under their own names. The first disc "Four Noble Truths" was released under the combined title of Bashin on the French label Athanor in 2011 and was dedicated to the basic principles of Buddhist teachings. The meditative and contemplative subject continues here as well, now being focused on the aspects of inner and outer space.

We submerge in the dark thick matter of sound, fluid, transparent and stratiform. Woven from abstract electronics, omnifarious samples and transformed voices, textures are smoothly interchanging, always showing new visions in the black mirror of our viewport. Makes you wonder - does the perceivable exist separately from the percipient? In any case this is dark, nocturnal, cosmic music, not devoid of epicism and dramatism. Worth having in your playlist for the next space travel!

The disc is packed in a matte 4-panel cardboard digisleeve with artwork made by Vitaly Stromchinsky (X3D5, Eternal Return Records).