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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACLE 1019
Release Year: 2015
Note: the spoken words "My Heart" by LYANN WAILS are processed, fragmented and / or looped by MARTIN RACH, setting the emotional words against pure frequency noises or transforming them completely into sound.. for fans of: BLACKHUMOUR, ERIC LUNDE, and other sound poetry (though this sounds very clear and focused, not low-fi at all..).... lim. 33 special cardboard cover
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"For everyone who secretly thinks that contemporary music is not emotional enough, composer Martin Rach offers some relief with this four-part composition, however ironically. My heart contains lots of heart indeed, quite literally in the form of the words my heart spoken by Lynn Wails, which serve as key ingredients of the electronic sounds created by Rach.

The music that Rach extracts from my heart makes a point of being determinedly abstract, with high-frequency shifts strongly reminiscent of CM von Hausswolff, for example. The contextualisation of these sparse textures, beautiful in their clarity, does however invest them with new emotional content. Its not romanticism, as might be expected when heart is the issue, but rather the humour sparked by Rachs unexpectedly leaving the serious abstract composer pigeonhole by making such a clear conceptual gesture.

File under: drone, ambient, sound art" [label info]