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GEROGERIGEGEGE, THE - 燃えない灰 Moenai Hai

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Eskimo Records CD-03
Release Year: 2016
Note: first release since 17 years by Japans cult thrash noise group, who started 1985 with their first tape on Merzbows ZSF Products.. lim. 500 and already sold out at the label !
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €25.00

More Info

"The Gerogerigegege has just come back along with new full-length album!

The Gerogerigegege is founded by Juntaro Yamanouchi in 1985 and well known for numerous activities with striking concepts/methods/ideas/practice defying any kind of existing conventions in each release and aktion since a debut tape on ZSF Produkt.

"Moenai Hai" is the first ever official album in 17 years and released on Eskimo Records, run by Jun Konagaya (Grim, White Hospital, HovH). This album contains brand new four recordings composed in 2014-2015, except one track 'Gerogerigegege', originally composed in 1985 and exclusively recorded in 2014-2015 for the first ever publication.

For The Gerogerigegege, any descriptions of the 'music' nor 'sounds' must be senseless and needless, you ALL know. We just express that The Gerogerigegege is again beyond your expectations and you will encounter thee beast in the labyrinth "Moenai Hai".

Just grab actual product and stand face to face with this album." [label info]

"For those who may be unaware, the name Gerogerigegege translates from the Japanese as "Shit! vomit! ha ha ha!" This scatalogically inclined Japanese noise-provocation unit hasn't released an album something like 15 years, with Juntaro Yamanouchi now reawakening the project in the guise of a caterwauling noise-rock outfit. There have been full-throttled punk aspirations previously in the Gerogerigegege catalog, whose best known recordings happen to be those exuberant noise albums and performances graced with the exhibitionistic masturbation of Gero 56 - a fellow who eschews all clothing and literally jerks off to Yamanouchi's electronics as a rather daft yet plausible continuation of concept of noise production equating with orgasmic excess. Yet here, on Moenai Hai, Gerogerigegege find themselves in very good company next to Corrupted and Boris in terms of explosive noise / drone rock, entirely without the onanistic grunts of Gero 56. Slow menancing tracks of subterranean creaking and blacker than black ambience spiralling into pools of nothingness bracket one long form extension of Melvins / Boris / Nadja sludge with infinitely repeating riffs, screaming feedback, and bottom-heavy monstrousness. It's pretty damn limited, with restocks uncertain at this time." [Aquarius Records]