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MOLLUSK - Aeon Synapses Connect

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Reverse Alignment RA-20
Release Year: 2016
Note: a new project by PER AHLUND (DISKREPANT, SKARE and lately SOPHIA) and JOHAN BOBERG, influenced by electro-acoustic music and EMS/Fylkingen; this duo creates a kind of cryptic "concrete ambience", atmospheric soundscapes with lots of near and present details and resonating sounds, rather calm & minimalistic.. they call it: "modular soundscapes resonating within the organic machinery feedback"; not the standard drone or dark ambient, definitely to discover !!
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More Info

"Mollusk is a project from sound artist Per hlund, known from previous releases on Reverse Alignment (with Skare and Kahl) and Johan Boberg, musician and composer that has been working with varied forms of approaches towards music. Schooled by Stockhausen and Coltrane, Johan has been part of the electronic music scene since the '90s and has, just like Per, become a very much active part of EMS and Fylkingen in Stockholm.

During 2016, Reverse Alignment release a series of three Mollusk albums where "Aeon Synapses Connect" is the first, followed by "Astral Mechanics" (June) and "The Cloud Expedition" (September).

With Mollusk the duo create "modular soundscapes resonating within the organic machinery feedback"." [label info]