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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACX 1001
Release Year: 2014
Note: split release by the two "electro-rhythmic" acts on ATTENUATION CIRCUIT: ELECTROJUDAS creates sequencer based, melodic midtempo electronica that has almost a chill-out effect, XNDL is a long active DJ with three tracks on Side B that go more into a slow 'abstract' hip-hop & drum'n'bass direction with more distortion and tension... lim. 200
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"For years, the work of elektrojudas released on Attenuation Circuit has
been linking the drone/ambient flavour of the label to more
dance-oriented styles of electronic music. On this split LP featuring
four tracks by elektrojudas and three by his long-time musical
companion XNDL, the two collaborators give an impressive insight into
the hidden kinship between abstract instrumental hip hop and drone

XNDL has been active since 1998 in musical styles from hip hop to
drumnbass as a DJ, producer, and engineer, working with artists such
as Anticon, Botanica Del Jibaro, Shapeshifters, Plague Language, and
many others. On his own record label Subversiv*Rec, he published some
45 releases by underground/abstract hip-hop acts. This LP is
co-released with his current publishing outlet, cognitive*defect.

This split release marks a new step in the ongoing artistic
collaboration of XNDL with elektrojudas. Both sides of the vinyl are
unified by mid- to downtempo beats with a rather relaxed feel. Dreamy
piano chords sometimes make you think that this could be a nice
chill-out album. But then you turn the record over, and suddenly
jarring, guitar-like distortion and high-pitched oscillators change the
atmosphere. Things do not get faster, but the tension rises until it
is resolved again. An exciting sonic journey that showcases one of the
many paths of musical innovation in the hip-hop tradition, and an
admirably consistent approach shared by the two artists." [label info]