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SALAKAPAKKA SOUND SYSTEM - Atonality Appreciation Society

Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Salakapakka Sound System demonstraatiotuotos-20
Release Year: 2015
Note: "noise, harsh drone & dark-n-dirty ambient" - the sister release to "Barbed Wire Boogie", again exciting noise-pieces with various approaches and sources, for example using GEROGERIGEGEGE sounds , recordings from a temple in Sri Lanka, blowing in a metal tube, etc... lim. 25 self-made edition
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"... This time I bring you a self-released very limited edition (25 copies) pro-duplicated (by Fairview Duplication) C30 tape "Atonality Appreciation Society". I think of it as sister release of "Barbed Wire Boogie" filled with noise, harsh drone & dark-n-dirty ambient. I am really pleased with both tapes. They faithfully capture the sound and style where Salakapakka Sound System has been going in a last three years.

Track list:
A1 Mellow trash bazooka (tribute to Gerogerigegege)
A2 Hornan tuutti
A3 Sacred tooth
B1 Man builds a house
B2 The end of the world

A1 uses Gerogerigegege's "Yellow Trash Bazooka" as a source material. A2 was done in probably a one sit-through session. A3 uses the sounds I recorded in the temple of sacred tooth in Sri Lanka. B1 is a finalized mix of a track featured in "Barbed...". The version here is a bit more polished, if you can call it that way. B2 is the oldest track in this tape. Sound material on it is mostly processed field recordings and a reverberated blowing in a metal tube." [label info]