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Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Balinese Beast BB004
Release Year: 2013
Note: the Greek experimental duo BALINESE BEAST with a furious musique concete - cut up - drone collage, using fields recordings, feedbacks, radiosounds, saxophon; Hamburgs TBC teams up with GUY SALDANHA for a distorted noise/energy storm made out of guitar & electronic sounds; a quite radical EP that will please fans of COLUMN ONE and MERZBOW, lim. 200
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"Released on July 2013. 7"vinyl, self-released, two tracks. Balinese Beast play: volcanic cut-ups, overdriven sax, 2" samples, pop 'n roll chews & chops following a cicada sine heatwave. TBC & Guy Saldanha play: textured and skillful noise wall, distorted guitars, feedbacks & analogue in/outs. 4 color offset labels & cover.
Edition of 200.

Balinese Beast is a duo project from Greece with Giorgos Axiotis and Ilan Manouach, working with electronics, home hacked-fi systems, samples, drum machines and the whole saxophone family. They have performed extensively in Greece and also in Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, France and Austria." [website info]