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CHASSE, LOREN - The Animals and Their Shadows

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Semperflorens, sf12
Release Year: 2015
Note: new solo work by the always impressive Californian sound artist (COELACANTH, ID BATTERY; THUJA) => a multitude of field/object recordings were woven together to form mysterious, multi-layered ambient/musique conrete scapes with great detail for very focused listening, think of: TOY BIZARRE, ERIC LA CASA, etc.."..like a poetry book: metaphors, surprising comparisons, images strung on a thread of associative rhythmics." [Dmitriy Takmakov]
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"It's easy to imagine this album coming out on a well-known Belgian label Mystery Sea. Actually, Loren has already had a release there under a name of Coelacanth, and under his own name there was a release on Unfathomless, the sister label dedicated to field recordings. No wonder, abstract ambient compositions drawn on a frame of fieldies are always in favour. "The Animals and Their Shadows" is thill a bit beyond the concept of the Belgian drone imprint: Loren doesn't limit himselfby only by sea-scapes, his microphone aims to the whole range of sounds of natural and artificial origin. Something like Lawrence English's "Songs Of The Living" if they were not just his audio travelogue. So Loren develops his tracks using the abstract rhythms of occasional field recordings. "The Animals and Their Shadows" is like a poetry book: metaphors, surprising comparisons, images strung on a thread of associative rhythmics." [Dmitriy Takmakov]

"Loren Chasse from the USA is someone who has
been working inside that particular musical area for quite some time, but for whatever reason he never released a lot of music. Maybe he's just very critical of his music and that leads to just a few releases? I don't know. Likewise I must admit I have very little idea as to what it is that Chasse does to create his music. Surely there is some field recording going on here - a bunch of locations are mentioned on the cover (the Florida Gulf coast, Lava Beds National Park, California, Chinatown, Los Angeles, Lower Lewis river Falls, Washington, Elowah Falls and revival drum shop, Oregon), which brings some of the usual suspects: water recordings and wind.
But there is also the use of instruments to be noted. Percussion is something I believe to hear, maybe a guitar or some other string instrument. The music is quite intimate I think: Loren Chasse keeps everything quite close to each other and close to home. It never bursts out in something entirely different, or there are sudden moves to make a totally new gesture. Obviously there is also some kind of sound processing going on here, but here we have more questions than answers: digital, analogue, real-time human intervention? Hard to say, again. Sometimes I think there is some sort of sound being played by Chasse, at home, or somewhere outside and he's taping the
action on the spot. Maybe there is some sort of conceptual edge to his work? There is something
here that reminded me of the work of Small Cruel Party, a similar mystique in using sounds and instruments, melting these together, creating some finely woven dense patterns. Very quiet music, sometimes of the edge of nothing being there and ultimately quite a great release." [FdW/Vital Weekly]