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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Dagored ‎ RED214
Release Year: 2015
Note: soundtrack to the film of the same name from 1968, directed by ROBERTO FAENZA, a very political comedy attacking the values of western capitalism..; stylistically a very versatile soundtrack with lots of choral elements and the phantastic "Dies Irae Psichedelico" track; comes with cover replica of the original first LP edition from 1968, lim. 500 yellow vinyl
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"In 1968 the Maestro Morricone was at the height of his career scoring Sergio Leones classic Once Upon a Time in the West. For the soundtrack of Roberto Faenzas cult debut movie ESCALATION, set in swinging London, 1968, Morricone teams up with fellow composer Bruno Nicolai and the vocalizations of Alessandro Alessandronis Cantori Moderni, making this one of his least minimal soundtracks.

Containing the legendary tune DIES IRAE PSICHEDELICO, this is one of the most essential Morricone soundtracks of all- time.


- LIMITED EDITION 500 COPIES " [label info]