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BARCHAN - Soliton

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Silken Tofu stx.41
Release Year: 2015
Note: the project of JAMES WELBURN with Norwegian drummer THOMAS JRMYR, creating here one long piece (57+ min.) of guitar-drum-drone goes industrial wall of sound, very powerful & special, to discover!!
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"BARCHAN is James Welburn (Miasmah, Tony Buck, Transmit and more) on drones and Tomas Jrmyr (of Zu, Yodok, The Void of Expansion and more) on drums. Both musicians share a fascination with testing musical boundaries. Together, they create a uniquely thick tapestry of sound engendered by both organic and chaotic drums in unison with ambient landscapes of noisy bass-drones, spiraling between searing intensity and delirious waves of calm. This is percussion-driven industrial drone music that is generated entirely in live performance. Shards of electric bass noise enhanced by real time software processing provide a harsh electronic element, which combined with the hypnotic free drumming, is reminiscent of intense guitar music." [label info]