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KINK GONG - Xinjiang

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Discrepant CREP02
Release Year: 2015
Note: experimental ethno collage soundscapes made from field recordings culled from the Xinjiang province in China, feat. dongbra and dutar (2 stringed plucked instruments), recorded and put together by LAURENT JEANNEAU aka KINK GONG... " a melting pot of ethnic weirdness packed with mind blowing virtuoso recordings" lim. 300
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"Special limited vinyl pressing of Kink Gong's Xinjiang soundscape. Sublime Frequencies contributor, Laurent Jeanneau, concocts a melting pot of ethnic weirdness packed with mind blowing virtuoso recordings. For fans of Angus McLise, Tony Conrad or William Burroughs' sound collages. Limited to 300 copies only ! All tracks were recorded on location in the ILI prefecture, Xinjiang province, China by Laurent Jeanneau. The compositions conrtain unedited acoustic recordings, computer modified parts, sound collages, composed processed dongbra (Kazakh 2-stringed plucked instrument) and dutar (Ulyghur long neck 2-sringed plucked instrument).' 'This sound recorder specialized in music of ethnic minority of south east asia, has spent the last 12 years to record sounds and songs which characterize the life of ethnic minorities in Tanzania, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and China where he lives. His compositions emerge from this raw material incorporating electroacoustic, tribal and electronica influences." [label info]