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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Ba Da Bing! BING 108
Release Year: 2015
Note: newest album by the cultish French male-female duo, more heavy & guitarish & 'to the point' as before, without loosing their dark hazy & raw hypno-droning qualities..."stringed instruments trill, percussion gongs, feedback hisses and vocals maintain near monotone as if in a cultish trance"...
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"Da ist es wieder, das französische Psychedelic Dronefolk Duo. Ihr 2013 wiederveröffentlichtes Album The Snowbringer Cult hat mich damals aus den Socken gehauen. Das war das reinste Hitfeuerwerk und in dem Jahr nicht umsonst als zweitbestes Album noch vor dem damaligen Release meiner Lieblingsband Troum plaziert. So konsequent hittig gehts diesmal nicht zu, aber dafür noch ein wenig verspulter. Hits gibts aber mit dem eher psychedelisch-folkig gehaltenen „Sun Tower“ und dem eher ambient-dronigen „The Rising Portal“ dann auch noch. Insgesamt so spannend und visionär, daß ich das nächste Album jetzt schon kaum erwarten kann." [Sibylle Bölling/Pretty in Noise]

"After a string of Natural Snow Buildings reissues, each more elaborate then the last, Ba Da Bing presents their first ever release of new material from the band. For a group known for its use of horror imagery and lyricism, perhaps the most shocking thing of all is that this album clocks in at just under 45 minutes. If there ever was a release that served as the proper entry point for Natural Snow Buildings, Terror’s Horns is it. It would be a stretch to call this Mehdi Ameziane and Solange Gularte’s pop record, for Terror’s Horns continues the duo’s tradition of combining many layers into sometimes blissful, sometimes contemplative, often menacing conditions. Stringed instruments trill, percussion gongs, feedback hisses and vocals maintain near monotone as if in a cultish trance. The songs still unveil themselves slowly, and the album’s progression lends the impression of descending down through the depths, past hidden cavities and chambers never to be unseen once experienced. Terror’s Horns features new artwork by Gularte that pays tribute to the backwoods horror of massacres involving chainsaws." [label info]

"Yes, there are a plethora of insanely limited editions published for and by Natural Snow Buildings and their satellite projects; but with their recent dealings with Ba Da Bing, the problematic availability has been alleviated somewhat. Of course, there was a tiny cd-r bonus edition that was coupled with this album but only available in pre-order direct from the label. No shops got any of those; so, we apologize in advance that we cannot offer that version. HOWEVER, we do have this amazing album itself, from aQ fave death-folk explorers Natural Snow Buildings.
There's long been a haunted thread that traces through all of the work from the French duo of Mehdi Ameziane and Solange Gularte, whose long-form tangles of ritualist drone-rock minimalism and sprawling, opiated psychedelia harks back to International Harvester, Flying Saucer Attack, and Kemialliset Ystavat. Here on Terror's Horns, Natural Snow Buildings plumb the depths of an emotional gloom and shuddering despair with this epic, cinematic album. The two have long specialized in expansive tracks of shimmering guitars, woodwinds, and bowed instruments that could be psalters, zithers, and / or violins, all of which blossom into sublime masses of dronological impressionism; and on Terror's Horns, Natural Snow Building engage in a sound far more elegiac and funereal and heavier than heard on any of their previous recordings. The freak-folk transcendence of NSB still will embrace the unsettling falsetto of Ameziane and the percussive clatter of Gularte, with the swirling psychedelia tumbling downward in lush cinematic collapse, with heavy minor-key chords and reverb saturated rhythmic plod providing plenty of parallels to the early days of Barn Owl and the latter days of Earth. Beautiful as always, these Natural Snow Buildings, if much darker than in days gone by." [Aquarius Records]