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MUSLIMGAUZE - Libya Tour Guide

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Staalplaat - Muslimgauze Archive 31
Release Year: 2015
Note: first ever re-issue of the third album from the rare 'Tandoori Dog' 4 LP boxset (1998); now with 3 bonus-tracks (22 tracks in total!); lim. 700
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

More Info

"Originally issued as the third LP in the limited edition box set Tandoori Dog, Libya Tour Guide follows Jaagheed Zarb and the title disc with a CD reissue, and again the increased space of its new medium has allowed unreleased
material from the original tape to be included. Although a version of “Rebiana Sand Sea” originally surfaced on the Melt EP, “Tubruq Sand Bank” and the 12-minute “Aqua Tingktyur” are now restored to their proper places in
this sprawling, 22 track release.

As with many of Bryn Jones’s longer albums as Muslimgauze, Libya Tour Guide ranges over different sounds and modes as it goes, from the almost collage of short pieces featured near the beginning to the subdued, sinister pulsing of “Great Satan Shadow” to the extended, sometimes digitally shredded journey of “Aqua Tingktyur”.

Even more than normal, here Jones’ tracks comment on each other, with the already hectic squiggles of “Benzedrine, Effendi” immediately answered with the fiercer distortions of the same sound on “No, Benzedrine, Effendi” and
“East of Tarabulus” naturally takes the listener further than “Tarabulues” just did. The result, whether it’s the richly echoing hand percussion of “Kurnel” or the choking static of “Rebiana Sand Sea”, is as intoxicating as always." [label info]