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Format: 3 x LP
Label & Cat.Number: :retortae: venenum 1
Release Year: 2015
Note: vinyl re-issue of the two sold out CDs from 2013 with 'primitive' death industrial from the Swedish cult act => dehumanized vocals & metallic percussion, morbid & misantrophic, eerie authentic stuff full of despair, with titles like 'Eucharist of Shit & Piss', think of IRM, early SPK & TG, HUMAN QUENA ORCHESTRA or WOLF EYES... - lim. 200, special cover, last copies !!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €45.00

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"The vinyl version of 'The Totality Of Death' compilation from 2013. The material is a compendium of the best tracks from various rare and obscure tape and vinyl releases, which are now highly sought after and very expensive. Musically it is a world full of inner psychic monsters, occult and unclean rituals and strange perverted desires, made with a quality and energy which is now rare to meet. The general edition comes in a offset-printed monochrome paperbox which contains all three vinyls in separate monochrome inner sleeves." [label info]