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RAPOON - Tin of Drum

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Aquarellist AQUAREL 29-15
Release Year: 2015
Note: "Only the deserts and the stars in the deserts remained unchanged" - re-issue of the Staalplaat CD from 1998 which manifests a more strange & alien RAPOON sound... now with a full bonus disc 'about the deserts' entitled "TIN REFLECTIONS IN METAL STARS" following the original story of inspiration for 'Tin of Drum' ... lim. 450 copies, 6 panel digipack
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More Info

" Whilst travelling through the USA and Canada on a tour in 1996 I found a tin of rolling tobacco in a truck stop store in one of the Southern states. This doesnt sound like much of an incident but I was four or five weeks into the tour and at the time I was a chain smoker and all of my European tobacco had gone and i was trying to smoke the dry tinder that passed for rolling tobacco in the US. I spotted the Tin of Drum tobacco on a shelf and was almost overcome with a kind of silly joy. It looked to me like i had found the holy grail.

I gave up smoking many years ago.
I kept the tin, to remind me.
Nowadays I feel the same sense of joy when I look at the sea, paint a good picture, hear my children laugh.
Times change. I went looking for America and found a Tin of Drum.

Revisiting some of the same places 15 years later I found the world had homogenised and what had once been unfamiliar and intriguing had become familiar and of less interest.
Only the deserts and the stars in the deserts remained unchanged.
The second disc is about the deserts.
Robin Storey

Limited edition 450 copies in 6-panel digipak" [label info]


"So langsam dreht auch RAPOON durch: das Cover ziert eine DRUM-Tabakdose, und im Verlaufe der CD hren wir eine merkwrdige Geschichte... insgesamt ist der Sound weniger schngeistig & "ethnisch", eher strange & fremdartig; wie immer gibt es aber loopige Strukturen, dicke Tapeten-ambients, einnehmende Rhythmen... am Ende verliert sich alles in einen dicken sumpfigen Sound-Morast, eine Mega-Trance, die beschwingend & meditativ zugleich ist." [Drone Rec. info 1999]