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CHAOTALION - Tannenholzrauch

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACU1004
Release Year: 2015
Note: promising ritual & transcension drone newcomer, various droning sound-layers (guitars, electronics, fields recordings) swirl in endless amorph formations and spirals... 66+ min. to discover, nice price!
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"Dark fir woods and weird pentagram-esque runes on the cover: How can the contents of this album not be a clichd, possibly black-metal influenced rendition of the idiotic stay true to the soil creed? Well, Alexander Marco has succeeded in tricking us all. His music on this album under the Chaotalion moniker is a vast expanse of breathing, pulsating ambient dreamscapes, cleverly evoking certain black metal genre elements, but totally eliding its ideology.

Marco uses guitar and electronics to create the music on this album, but his textural approach owes a good deal to his work with not-so-musical sounds. A regular participant in the Noise Factory sessions hosted by Y-Ton-G, Marco is also schooled in musique concrte and assemblage of found sounds, and this rather constructivist approach gives this release a refreshingly sober, clear, kitsch-free touch. Actually, the album, with all its packaging and teutonic titles, might well be a conceptual joke on certain black aesthetics, but the music is too well-crafted to allow for an easy interpretation as a simple parody.

File under: ambient" [label info]