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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Alt.Vinyl av059
Release Year: 2015
Note: the Drone Rec. artist known from "Drone-Mind Vol. 2 now on the prolific British ALT.VINYL label - inspired by the Coma-state of a friend this links harmonic analogue synth sequences with surrealistic & eerie voice sounds and throbbing electro-pulses (very 80's industrial), as being in the head of a concerned patient..."Quite dark, very austere and penetrating right into one's darker corner of the brain" [Fdw/Vital Weekly] lim. 200 , 180 gr. vinyl, hand screenprinted cover (white on black)
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"description: ltd edition of 200 on 180gm vinyl. covers hand screenprinted by sam grant.
Karl Bosmann is a German post industrial electronic innovator. On this LP and Art edition release he works with a curetronic modular system ,a mopho and his Korg MS-20. The Coma theme, while stimulating an outpouring of electronic and sampled creativity, has its origins in a close friends post motorcycle accident coma from a few years ago. Karl describes the long drawn out process of observing the coma as both awful and yet fascinating at the same time. The album tracks show the initial hope of recovery, followed by the more melancholic hopelessness as time passe." [label info]


"By now Karl Bsmann has quite a mighty catalogue of releases on vinyl, CD and CDR, and some of these were reviewed in these pages. Would you, however, wake me up at night and ask me 'quick tell me what kind of music does Bsmann do?' I would scratch my head for some time, and not just because it is the middle of night. It's hard to say I guess, but if I had to make an assumption, I'd say it's something along the lines of industrial music. There is, so it seems, always something creepy and nasty about his work, and in general he has lengthy compositions, which not necessarily are very tight. His new album contains two sidelong pieces, whereas a limited art-box set edition also contains a CDR with a third part of 'Coma' in three parts. I got a copy of the CDR too. All of the pieces here were recorded with a curetronic modular synthesizer, a Korg MS-20 and a Mopho synth. With these he exactly creates that kind of industrial synthesizer music that shows a love of this big amorphous pieces of synthesizer music. One is reminded of the mighty Maurizio Bianchi, especially in his early 80s phase, but it also harks back to the far edge of the 70s cosmic music, especially Conrad Schnizler's non-keyboard music comes to mind. Bsmann plays this with quite some vigorous attack; a bit of rhythm is never far away, hammering away like a jackhammer in 'Coma 1', and one can imagine what it is like trapped inside a factory that goes out of control. None of these pieces is very static, as Bsmann cleverly shifts quickly back and forth through his doom scenario music. Quite dark, very austere and penetrating right into one's darker corner of the brain. Excellent record." [FdW/Vital Weekly]