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Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Sub Rosa SRV381
Release Year: 2015
Note: debut album of exciting & ambitious new trio from Paris, combining ultra melancholic post rock & shoegaze with more experimental ambient & drone passages (performed on guitar, bass, drums & percussion, keyboards, sax, voice, sampler) and sometimes more aggressiven rock power with a strong political impetus.... feat. excellent cover photos by STEPHANE D... vinyl version in gatefold cover now available (CD version sold out) !!
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"Oiseaux-Tempte debut album retraces, in a sonic odyssey, the qualms and queries of a sickly and dysfunctional Western society.

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Experimental, Stoner, Post-Rock, Ambient, Free Music

The trio was created in Paris in 2012 by the musically versatile pair Frdric D. Oberland (guitar) and Stphane Pigneul (bass) (members of FareWell Poetry and Le Rveil des Tropiques) and percussionist Ben Mc Connell (drummer for bands such as Beach House, Rain Machine, Au Revoir Simone, Marissa Nadler and Winter Family).

The band's creative process is intertwined with that of Stphane C., French photographer/filmmaker, currently documenting the existential conflicts brought on by the political and economical turmoil in Greece. In light of this encounter, this project quickly became a whole: musical, visual, political. The initiating impetus is urgency.

Originally conceived as a musical and visual, poetic and militant voyage, this first album retraces, in a sonic odyssey, the qualms and queries of a sickly and dysfunctional Western society. Reason first reared its head in Greece, and now it is the seat of a modern maelstrom, unfurling a new set of questions.

Alternating moments of inexorable tension and luminous respite, the Oiseaux-Tempte's debut album LP takes flight and slowly unfolds in an implacable ascension, the rich photographic contributions fleshing out the poetic narrative.

Oiseaux-Tempte's first release, carrying us beyond the stoner, free rock and experimental labels. How can music voice the violence and confusion that fuels discontent and protest? Oiseaux-Tempte offers an answer to this question." [label info]