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AUN - Fiat Lux

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Cyclic Law 76th Cycle
Release Year: 2015
Note: after the great "Black Pyramid" the Canadian experimental / psychedelic drone project returns with another album on Cyclic Law - revealing a more harmonic, electronic sound... the label calls it "occult drug enhanced, future psychedelia!" lim. 500 only ! LAST COPY!!
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"Were glad to welcome back AUN to Cyclic Law for their latest opus! AUNs music as always suggested forays into other dimensions, be it to imaginary worlds, industrial wastelands, through space and time, or via mind altered states. From the ominous dystopian artwork, of a city being drained of its energy by some mysterious black hole, to the first notes of the title track Fiat Lux we are once again transported on AUNs otherworldly travelling path. Ever since the space industrial and power electronics of AUNs previous Cyclic Law cult release Black Pyramid, the world has become even more sinister, but in contrast, Fiat Lux exudes even more of AUNs melancholic hopefulness. The disintegrating chords and densely textured waves, anchored by a left field industrial pulse, invoke occult drug enhanced, future psychedelia. Created in part in their Montreal studio, these tracks were extensively performed live, prior to recording, and refined while on tour breaks in Montpellier, Barcelona and Tokyo. The energy of these cities is definitely at work in these recordings, which also features a French connection of experimental heavy hitters: Witxes, Frdric D. Oberland and Philippe Petit have helped round out Dumais and Leblanc arsenal. FIAT LUX: Let there be light, from light will come darkness.

CD Edition of 500 Copies. 7 Tracks. Running Time 39.00" [label info]