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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Bad Sector BS 01-2015
Release Year: 2015
Note: first release on the new BAD SECTOR home label, enlarging the typical / unique B.S. sound by with a more harmonic song oriented approach, using 'real' acoustic drums (sampled) & electric guitar, with samples of 'number stations' and twisted electric / machine sounds!! And it really works, this is great robotic electro pop, so melancholic & dense, slow rhythmic, powerful & strangely alienated... 11 tracks, 50 min. playtime
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"In this release m.magrini left aside his more experimental vein creating a series of retro-modernist tunes using his usual tools joined with a little bit of acoustic drums and electric guitar. A set of surprisingly rhythmic and organic songs, supplemented with minimal and conceptual "lyrics". Made by mixing digital structures and analog warmth, this album is another weird planet in the (pretty large) universe of Bad Sector." [label info]