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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Malignant Records TUMORCD68
Release Year: 2014
Note: extended version of a rare MC from 2012, showing THEOLOGIAN working on STROM.EC (Finnish power electronics duo) source material, resulting in a very ambigious release with wonderful atmospheric / ambient parts on the one side, and extreme noisy outbursts on the other... 7 tracks 58+ min, oversized cardboard cover
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"Proper and overdue re-issue of a limited edition 12 cassette on Annihilvs released back in 2012. Hubrizine was two years in the making and features source material by Finland's mighty STROM.ec, undoubtedly heralded as masters of the PE oeuvre, as reinterpreted and re-engineered by Theologian, in celebration of a shared appreciation for the works of Philip K. Dick. From the opening moments, what immediately strikes you is that this probably isn't what you thought it was going to be, given the history of both acts. Sure, there are a good deal of passages of volatility and focused intensity as you might expect, but they are complimented by an equal amount of passages of hallucinatory ambience and cold, serene atmospherics. It's this very dichotomy that makes this such a masterful recording, and listening to it one sitting becomes almost mandatory just to wrap your head around the mind fuckery that unravels over its 7 tracks, as celestial drift and horizon filling textures collide with sudden eruptions of militantly hostile vocals, machine clatter, blistering frequency pulsations and writhing distortion. The title track is clearly the centerpiece here...an epic and sprawling 18 minute track of climatic and shimmering drones that disintegrates into corrosive generator hum and contorted loops with an insane vocal outburst that rivals any STROM.ec output ever created. Hubrizine clearly takes heavy electronics in a direction where few have dared go, and few will ever match. In fold out presentation folder with artwork by Andre Coelho(Sektor 304)." [label info]


"Malignant Records is an interesting American label that first of all concentrates on the harsh electronic music scene and dark ambient since its establishment back in 1994. Two new albums from the label have seen the light of the day. The fact that each album are labelled with the brand-name Tumor gives the listener a clue of what kind of dark focus we have with this label. First album reviewed here is a reissue of an album originally released in 2012 as a limited edition of 12 cassettes on the Annihilvs label. The source material comes from one of Finland's most interesting acts within power electronics - Strom.ec. As a celebration of a shared appreciation for the works of Philip K. Dick, the American composer Theologian has reinterpreted and re-engineered the original works of Strom.ec. And the result is astonishing! Having never heard the original works of Strom.ec I was blown away by the expression on this present album carrying the title "Hubrizine". The seven intersections on
the album are harsh with much focus on over-the-top aggressions of noise drones, yet there are also moments of extremely emotional and melancholic saturating the album. Underneath the brutality, subtle melodies of drifting ambience create an emotionally strong contrast to the expressions of evil. So many layers hides underneath the album making it an album that you want to return back to again and again, if you can stand the test of extreme brutality. Black art in its most beautiful form!" [NM/Vital Weekly]