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Format: CD & booklet
Label & Cat.Number: 13 (3) - sps 1509
Release Year: 2015
Note: the combination of visuals/graphics (16 pages of STEFANO GENTILES "black" series) with music by GIANLUCA FAVARON - on the disc four surrealistscapes made out of electronic sounds, field recordings, whispering concrete crackles, machine-like sounds & drones... music like an undecipherable, alien language, excellent !! Comes with 16 page A4 booklet, lim. 230
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"The project sources from "in black" images taken by Stefano Gentile. Takes that flow in the most hidden sides of the soul. Gianluca Favaron gives sounds these images with notes that don't let space to imagination. Fields recordings and electronics to telle the same visions. The same soulmoods. The work is released with a A/4 16 pages booklet featuring the workshop by Stefano Gentile and a cd with sounds by Gianluca. The edition is 230 copies limited." [label info]