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UHUSHUHU (Ухушуху) - Geoscience (Землеведение)

Format: CD-R / DVD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Zhelezobeton ZHB-XLVII
Release Year: 2015
Note: group from St. Petersburg with third longplayer, multiple layered narcotic / transcension drones with lots of different organic (animal) sounds appearing in the mix, whispering & mysterious, think of LUNAR ABYSS or ALIO DIE.... on the DVD-R you find a well produced abstract film with psychotropic visuals, incredible structures build from simple rays, flickering and multi-dimensional, really hallucinogenic !! Highly recommended for psychonauts!! Lim. 111 copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

More Info

"The third studio album by the St. Petersburg-based group Uhushuhu continues the line of the two previous works: "Long Songs Pleasant For Hearing" (Zhelezobeton, 2014) and "Onega" (ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, 2015), namely - long spatial tapestries filled with a whole host of electronic and organic events drifting on a leisurely contemplative wave.

One can listen to this music endlessly, it seems to be created of several layers of semi-transparent mirrors reflecting everything that comes in the field of the musicians' imagination: smooth synthetic pads, singing birds and (perhaps?) whales, radiowaves and a heavenly female voice, lurking whispers, instrumental loops, field recordings and various found sounds. All this creates a complex electro-acoustic image, surely still pleasant for hearing to the connoisseurs of the ambient genre.

The release also contains the video version of the album with a special fractal visualization, the dance of mathematic formulae programmed by programmed by VJ B≜H⊗G (UtrovortU)." [label info]


"Here we have a gorgeous set of recordings from the mysterious Russian drone collective Uhushuhu. The name of project is the transliteration of the call for the Barred Owl, a creature that inhabits the northern climates of Eurasia as well as North America. While Uhushuhu maintains a cryptic distance to their semantic attachment to the owl, these birds do have a different connotation in Slavic traditions than in Europe and America. Instead of wisdom, owls (in particular, small owls which the Barred Owl is not) are harbingers of death and disaster. Geoscience, the third production for Uhushuhu, does not seem to carry those allusions. But there is a deeply transcendent / quasi-mystical channelling that Uhushuhu dials up on Geoscience. They take a macro / micro view of the Russian forest itself - this monolithic, nearly impenetrable thicket of pines, birches, and lots of mosquitos that extends some eleven timezones (if Negativland is to be believed). Huge sweeping Aeolian drones seem to match the complex wind patterns of that cross back and forth from the arctic circle down to the Central Asia steppes, with tactile flurries of bark, branches, and beetles carrying about unconcerned to the blurred sound of the wind. These environmental recordings and mimetic sounds accompany a far more hallowed set of electrical and harmonic intonations far more commonplace in the holy minimalism of LaMonte Young or Charlemagne Palestine. Not necessarily a dark trip, but certainly a gripping one. The accompanying dvd-r features a 54 minute video of algorithmic animations that fractalize into crystalline structures and shatter into component parts in densely thickets of light. Quite lovely! Hand numbered and limited!" [Aquarius Rec.]