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ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE (AMT) - Organfish - Electric Fish Songs from the Amazon

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: and/OAR and/43
Release Year: 2014
Note: underwater recordings of unidentified gymnotiformes ('electric fishes'!) and other subaquatic creatures, as well as insects, crustaceans and vegetation from the same area... re-edition of a rare CDr that appeared 2010 on 'Tentacles of Perception' with environmental sounds recorded in Mamori, Amazonas, Brazil in 2009; incredible sounds by these 'electric fishes' that can produce electric fields for navigation & communication ..
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"As many who've long tread the waters of and/OAR already know, Artificial Memory Trace is none other than Slavek Kwi, and what we have here is a much deserved CD re-issue of his seminal release of underwater environmental recordings first issued on CDR via his Tentacles Of Perception imprint in 2010. Re-edited and remastered for the occasion. Prominently featured are underwater recordings of unidentified gymnotiformes (a type of electric fish), plus other kinds of subaquatic fish, insects, crustaceans and moving vegetation. The recordings were made in Mamori, Amazonas, Brazil in November, 2009.
Gymnotiformes are mostly nocturnal fish that are capable of producing electric fields for navigation and communication. The name organfish is not a scientific term, but one invented by Slavek in reference to the sublime and mysterious organ-like musicality of the sounds of electric fish, plus the term is also in reference to the fish producing electrical fields from a specialized internal organ called an electric organ. For more info, please follow the link above." [label info]