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ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE (AMT) - Organfish - Electric Fish Songs from the Amazon

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: and/OAR and/43
Release Year: 2014
Note: underwater recordings of unidentified gymnotiformes ('electric fishes'!) and other subaquatic creatures, as well as insects, crustaceans and vegetation from the same area... re-edition of a rare CDr that appeared 2010 on 'Tentacles of Perception' with environmental sounds recorded in Mamori, Amazonas, Brazil in 2009; incredible sounds by these 'electric fishes' that can produce electric fields for navigation & communication ..
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"As many who've long tread the waters of and/OAR already know, Artificial Memory Trace is none other than Slavek Kwi, and what we have here is a much deserved CD re-issue of his seminal release of underwater environmental recordings first issued on CDR via his Tentacles Of Perception imprint in 2010. Re-edited and remastered for the occasion. Prominently featured are underwater recordings of unidentified gymnotiformes (a type of electric fish), plus other kinds of subaquatic fish, insects, crustaceans and moving vegetation. The recordings were made in Mamori, Amazonas, Brazil in November, 2009.
Gymnotiformes are mostly nocturnal fish that are capable of producing electric fields for navigation and communication. The name organfish is not a scientific term, but one invented by Slavek in reference to the sublime and mysterious organ-like musicality of the sounds of electric fish, plus the term is also in reference to the fish producing electrical fields from a specialized internal organ called an electric organ. For more info, please follow the link above." [label info]


"More music from Artificial Memory Trace, also known as Slavek Kwi and once again he delves recordings made at the Mamori lake in Brazil, just like he did with his release 'Anouran Love Songs' (see Vital Weekly 962). That was about 240 minutes of music; here it's another 80. That is a lot of music. For 'Organfish' Kwi uses 'unidentified subaquatic creatures (i.e. Gymnotiform electric fish, other types of fish, insects, crustaceans, etc.) and vegetation', unlike the recordings of frogs in 'Anouran Love Songs'. You may expect this to be a recording of pure field recordings and it is, but it sounds all very electrical, as noted on the cover: 'omnipresent tonal and electronic-like wave sounds triggered by active electromagnetic fields of Gymnotiform electric fish. Signals were detected underneath floating grass (or 'capi') seldomly in open water'. This makes that this is quite a different release than 'Anouran Love Songs'. It sounds all very electronic, and while divided in eleven parts,
it sounds like an organic, one piece. Lots of drone-like sounds, like modular synthesizers beeping away, oscillating tonal structures and a bit of water sound. It all sounds highly captivating. The cut 'n paste element that we sometimes find in the work of Artificial Memory Trace seems to be less present in this release. Things buzz like hell around here, like there is a loose electrical connection, sparkling like electric static charges and somebody holding down two keys on a keyboard. Sometimes even piercing, noise-like (when will he do a harsh noise wall release based on nature recordings I wonder) and it's another wonderful addition to an expanding universe of its own. It's not more of the same but an excellent other side of the coin." [FdW/Vital Weekly]