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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Dedali Opera CD OPUS 04
Release Year: 2012
Note: 'Pieces pour Polivisions & Metamorphoses - Elements 1-4' and 'META - Strates 1-6' are the titles of two highly interesting compositions by the French electronic composer, consisting of 20 shorter pieces, originally created for an exhibition in Cachan (France); => highly abstract pure electronic sounds, drones, white noises, suspenseful arranged for carefully listening... recommended if you like pure experimental electronics with much variation and details!!
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"Raphal PANIS is a composer and a searcher, fascinated by sound : his works take the listeners at the heart of the vibration, into the intimacy of the microscopic disturbances.
His studies at Annecy CRR ans Paris CNSMDP (new technologies section with Louis NAON) allowes him to create his own instruments for live performances. He associates his sound installations with plastic works for various centers of art. He also composes for dance.
"Meta" consists of a multiplication of the sound layers (stratas), reminders and variations around sound elements, similarity and disparities to create a rich and coherent hearing universe." [label info]