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EYELESS IN GAZA - Mythic Language

Format: 3 x CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ambivalent Scale Records ASR 050
Release Year: 2014
Note: rare studio & live recordings by EIG 1980-1983, plus one full disc of MARTYN BATES solo recordings (studio & radio sessions 1987-1997) and as bonus file diverse extra tracks, plus 32 page booklet; lots of previously unreleased material !!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €28.50

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Cd 1: Egg Box Mask (an eclectic mix of early Eyeless In Gaza recordings experimental, plus studio recordings 1981-82, mostly)

1 All Echo/2 Lines of Flame/3 You, So Open/4 The Sun-Like-Gold/5 Mythic Language/6 Alms Houses/7 Old Hours, Slow Daybreak/8 Three Nights Running/9 See She Sells, on the Sea Shore, Shells/10 We Shade Our Eyes/11 Quiet Lustre/12 Prayerbook to the Quiet/13 Second Music/14 See the Dark Pools Flash/15 The Rain Dreaming Ship/16 Songs of Coming Winter/17 Autumn Mixes Its Colours/18 Song of a Man Who Has Come Through


Cd 2: Fixation (comprises live recordings by Eyeless In Gaza, 1980-1983 this is the noisy hitherto UNHEARD-on record-side of Eyeless In Gazas early work! Also the tracks from the previously announced 7 have been moved to this Cd.)

1 In Flux/2 Blue Distance/3 Two Years On/4 Lines of Flame (slow version)/5 Sound Track/6 The Skeletal Framework/7 Struck Like Jacob Marley/8 Darker Portraits/9 Kiss Syntax/10 Pale Hand I Loved So Well/11 November, Silver and Dark/12 Forward Steps/13 Primary Colour/14 Palms/15 Urge (The Favourite Game)


Cd 3: Morningsinging (comprises solo recordings by Martyn Bates mostly radio sessions, 1988-1993)

1 Bahnhofstrasse/2 Dove/3 Way to Blue/4 This Time/5 Came Here to Look You In the Eye/6 Sally Free and Easy/7 Twilight Turns to Amethyst/8 Morning Singing/9 Elegy News/10 For Love, Waiting to Die/11 Of Night Calling/12 Lean Out of the Window/13 Born and Beginning/14 Long Lankin/15 When You Praise Her

Mythic Language ExtrasBonus album: Mythic Language Extras (comprises some more tracks that we wouldnt originally have released)

1 Walk Away Detachment (studio recording circa 1982)/2 By Proxy (Kodak Ghosts E.P. Sessions outtake)/3 Snow Theme (studio recording circa 1994)/4 Pale Hands (a re-working of the song featured on Fixation, possibly circa early 90s)/5 Balm (circa 1990 a rare example of Pete Beckers dub step stylings)/6 Three Strange Angels (from the Creature Box album unreleased work with erstwhile Coil collaborator John Everall)/7 First Day of January (by Martyn Bates, Letters Written outtake)/8 I Fill My Skirt (poem-setting, from The Shannon Smith Sessions, circa 1981)/9 Dust Dances (poem-setting, from The Shannon Smith Sessions, circa 1981)/10 I Came Hungering to You (circa 1990 another rare example of Pete Beckers enticingly wayward dub step stylings).

November: Inky Blue Sky & Notes on Mythic Language books:

The booklet for the box will include the previously announced 20-page work entitled Notes on Mythic Language, which is an experimental work of a kind in that it comprises autobiographical fragments/notes on writing/track details of the pieces in the box set/some of the lyrics from the album + hybrid interviews + one legitimate interview in full. Essentially, its a book about writing.