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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Collectif & Cie C&C mg01
Release Year: 1999
Note: re-discovered album by this ex member of DENIER DU CULTE (with PHILIPPE BLANCHARD aka LT. CARAMEL), with a collection of recordings made 1986-1998, compounded with pure synthesized / electronic sounds and concrete material, complex & challenging.. "Hi-tech, lo-fi, sophisticated, noisy, bubbling, gurgling, sequenced, freeform"; 8 pieces, almost 70 min length
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"Before discovering this album, the beauty of the striking packaging, and then the name of the album "Ab Irato", confirmed the high expectations. And the surprise proves to be great in discovering an unbelievable electro-acoustic record of an irreproachable quality. The approach is certainly difficult for an ear unaccustomed to experimental sounds, but the discovery of an impressive palette of sounds should win over the skeptics. The pieces were recorded between 1986 and 1998. Alain Basso essentially helped himself to tired analog synthesizer sounds, samples, and synthesizers that use specially created programs to make certain sounds, as well as concrete sounds, like those products formed from an elaboration on a clock, originating from various metallic and mechanical sequences. This work was created and realized by Alain Basso in collaboration with Collectif & Compagnie, an association specializing in electro-acoustic music and based in Annecy. A work reserved for open and curious spirits, to those with a passion for diverse sounds, who inadvertently surround us everyday; this is when one lends attention to all those noises that suddenly become very interesting... and one realizes that a lot of ambient and industrial bands are so appropriate in making their particular sounds, and that others do well to be interesting." [Stephane F.]

uit pices lectroacoustiques ralises entre 1986 et 1997 par ce compositeur, ancien membre du groupe Denier Du Culte.

"Perhaps best known for his work alongside Philippe Blanchard (aka Lieutenant Caramel) in Denier Du Culte, Basso reveals himself here to be an exceptional exponent of uneasy listening. Tidal pools of atonal harmonics slowly whirl you into bins of crushed metal that fall away to reveal overlapping tides of low-lying thrumming whirr which in turn bleed away to reveal stochastic stormclouds of blips and plinks. Richly involving work that thrums with insectile density.[Mutant Sounds]

A retrospective of Basso's work with synthesizers and computers from 1986 to 1997. Many different models and programs are used to create the pieces for dances and events that are listed, but sadly never described in the liner notes. Hi-tech, lo-fi, sophisticated, noisy, bubbling, gurgling, sequenced, freeform.