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Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACT 1019
Release Year: 2015
Note: collaboration by these two East European newcomers who delve into deep dronescapes with guitar, bass & effects plus a viola played by DOROTA MORTEK on the second version / B-side; lim. 30
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Two sides of hauntingly beautiful, gloomily intense yet subtle dark drone ambient. The composition Lao is presented in two versions here, one for guitar and bass only, one with an added viola part.

Piotr Cisak (bass & effects) and Pawel Oleksinski (guitar & effects) create a deep dronescape, a slowly moving mass of sonic magma that threatens and fascinates at the same time. Field recordings by Cisak are added to this, and the fact that they give us rather naturalistic birdsong adds a surreal dimension to the imaginary spheres evoked by the drones which makes the whole mix even more powerful and sculptural. Lao (rework viola) is another version of the same piece where Cisak and Oleksinski are joined by Dorota Mortek on viola. Instead of playing along with the drones, she creates small flourishes that rather blend in with the birds, thus creating an intermediate structural layer. A masterpiece of analogue drone music.

File under: drone, dark ambient