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HAKOBUNE - Vitex Negundo

Format: LP / CD / BAG
Label & Cat.Number: Empiric Records emrec 6
Release Year: 2015
Note: luxurious vinyl version, only 100 copies made, coming with printed tote-bag & sticker, button, gatefold print... => slowly moving sonic bubbles filled with warm multi-layered ambience from Japan, extremely warm and sensitive acoustic clouds, based on guitar meditations and loops, music of a timeless beauty.. think of VIDNA OBMANA, CELER, YUI ONODERA...
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" - awa no naka no nijiiro kinou mita yume -
Why choosing this title Vitex Negundo?
It reminds me being at my grandmas home, it grew in her garden.
Capturing fragile moments. Takahiro Yorifuji sets the right mood to calm down with three
Ambient improvisations... or better meditations. Like a melancholic thought, a gentle guitar is fading slowly through shifting ambience. Soothing waves of sound are breaking on the shoreline of a saddened landscape. Washing away the sludge a busy life leaves, a relief for the soul. For headphone-lovers and fans of beautiful Ambient guitars.
Mastered for best listening-pleasure by Daisuke Matsusaka.

Incl. besides the 12" vinyl EP (180gr.) wrapped in a gatefold print, a button and a sticker with HAKOBUNE Logo and - for listening pleasure without need to flip the disc - the CD as well.
All packed in a nice printed and useful tote-bag." [label info]