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KALLABRIS & LEPENIK - ...on what there is...

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: God Records GOD 21
Release Year: 2014
Note: first ever collaboration by our beloved KALLABRIS philosoph with ROBERT LEPENIK (Austrian musician once active with FETISH 69 and the TONTO label) => funny, eccentric, but also melancholic 'songs' often based on loops & cheap rhythm box & computervoice, with wacky lyrics ("She's just a friendly Psychopath"), an almost undescribable album of weird, surreal, unexpected 'PoP' tunes, a playful & highly creative handling and enlarging of musical genres...
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"Simple as that - two eccentric musical enigmas crossing paths!

Kallabris and Lepenik have been collaborating on an unnamed project for years. At one point, wasn't even sure that it will see the light of the day at all.

But, never provoke with destiny!

Different musical personalities but with many common musical points, offered extremely polarized piece of art, some kind of kaleidoscope of musical suprises and always on the edge of disintegration.

A record that mixes a wide range of styles, opening with slow ambiesque vignettes, elegiac passages, continuing with psychedelic techno and trip hop movements, finishing with weirdest type of pop bossa nova." [label info]


"... On What There Is ..." finds Michael Anacker persuing his Kallabris project in collaboration with Robert Lepenik, a fellow explorer of post-industrial options. It's an engaging set of 18 songs, ranging in character from sinister ambient and trippy techno to chirpy electropop with throwaway lyrics. Yet
these quirky and slippery variations on song form are more than mere exercises in style. The duo clearly revel in sound's plasticity and malleable nature. Their artful stretching and warping, lacing and layering of electronic, instrumental and vocal material, their compositional weave, forms a more compelling focus for listening than any extractable content. So is this a collection of songs, or an index of possibilities." (The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music - May 2015, Julian Cowley)